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What's the foundation for your best hair? Your best wash. These are some quick tips.
  1. Use lukewarm water: Though a hot shower may be the most comforting, lukewarm water--that's warm enough, but slightly cool--is the best for promoting the health and vibrance of your hair. Lukewarm water puts your hair at its perfect ph or chemical balance--4.5 to 5.5 according to experts (Hashempour, 2021; Rothstein, 2021). Lukewarm water energizes your follicles, optimizing your hair's vitality. The shine in your strands will come later; but, your scalp will immediately benefit. After two weeks of cooler washes, you'll some progress.
  2. Let it soak: We've been "taught" to toss our hair, ruffle it, as we're getting it soaked. Don't. All the tossing and actually leads to unnecessary breakage, dislodging your strands. Let your hair soak for a minute or two. Then gently fold the conditioner in (you know there's no shampoo here ;-)) before your rinse. And, you just need a few gentle rubs with your rinse to make sure you clean the remaining conditioner, while keeping all the moisture.
  3. Apply extra conditioner to weak and damaged areas: While folding in the conditioner, put a little bit extra on weak and damaged areas. This may be edges that are a bit thin, or ends that may have been frayed by too much styling. Remember though, your priority is always your scalp. That's where the growth happens, right? Make sure your conditioner is evenly distributed throughout your scalp first, and then add a little bit more in the areas that need more care.
  4. Gentle tap and towel dry: Just like we don't need all that ruffling and tossing during our wash, we don't need that "extra" when we're drying. Just towel dry, by placing the towel over your head--fold your hair up first for longer hair--and gently tap it a few times. Then focus on the leave-ins, that we'll get to next.
  5. Apply organic oils and leave-ins: We know you have your go-to leave-in conditioners; but, the best ones are natural oils. Some of the best oils are shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, pumpkin-seed oil, and hazelnut oil. You'll just need about a quarter size to make sure you get the moisture, without the greasy after feel. These oils will also leave you with the all-day moisture you want.
  6. Air dry (it's worth getting up an hour earlier ;-)): Yes, this takes longer; but, you know it's better for your hair. This goes back to the "lukewarm" water point above. Your hair doesn't need the extra heat. The air is the better, though a little slower, dryer. It will also make sure that the leave-in conditioner is adequately absorbed. It's worth getting up about an hour earlier, or saving the wash for the weekend when you have a bit more time. Your hair will thank you.
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