Cheri Roberts   Marlboro, TN
I really loved LeLix. Love the way it smells. Love the way it made my hair feel so clean and soft. Easy to use. Rinses out really easy. Just use 1 pump and leave in your hair 5 minutes then rinse.
#SeminalWellness #LeLix #bestconditionerever

Ashley Rodriguez  Jamaica, NY
Resplende Facial Scrub is awesome! My face and neck felt really clean, and my skin was so bright. The moisture lasted all day too. I'll definitely try the other Seminal Products.

Ingrid Mesevitz  Honolulu, HI
I love Schizen, the zero-calorie sweetener and LeLix. Schizen is just as sweet as sugar. And, I love how LeLix both cleans and conditions my hair.

Dr. Ifeanyi Onyedika  Staten Island, NY
PotenSeed is a lifesaver. I had an aortic dissection over the summer, and had to have a pacemaker installed. I have suffered from high blood pressure all my adult life. However, when I began drinking PotenSeed, my blood pressure decreased dramatically. I would routinely have blood pressure readings in the 180s and 190s. This week, I had a systolic reading of 124. PotenSeed has really helped my digestion, and cleanses my body every day. I am so grateful I found this product.

Sree Kumar  Chicago, IL
Optimet is already helping me. I've just been using it for 2 weeks. But, my digestion is a lot better, I have more energy, and I have lost 8 pounds. I was really taking it to feel better, but it may help you get to a healthier weight too. I'll see how it works after a month. But, I'm encouraged.
#optimet #Seminal

Jeff Roberts  Plymouth, MA
Alpha beard and scalp oil is totally working for me. I never used a hair serum before, so I was a little skeptical. But, within 5 days, thin spots were thickening and I saw more body in my hair. And, this is the thickest, longest beard I have ever grown. I'm a fan.

Ike Okonkwo  Houston, TX
Root is my only product for hair washes now. I had pretty bad dandruff, but after 2 weeks of Root Hair Strengthening, my dandruff was minimal and my hair was fuller. For me, the best part is how I don't need shampoo anymore! This completely cleanses and conditions my hair. At first I didn't think it would work, but it does. I also love how Seminal's products are gender neutral. Root is the best thing on your hair. I'll be checking out the other products.

Mei Tsu  Los Angeles, CA
Everybody talks about vitamin C serum, but you need so much more. Elim Undereye Serum got rid of my dark circles and undereye bags in a snap ;-) I've been using Elim for about a month now, and my skin looks a lot stronger. It's also great on my neck too. Elim is totally natural with vitamin A, vitamin E AND vitamin C, and other ingredients. And, it doesn't cost too much (and Seminal promised me it will always be reasonable :-)

Kris Gutierrez   Newark, NJ
I'm loving Kinai Hair Skin Revitalizer! You wouldn't think that what you use on your skin, you could also use on your hair, but why not? My hair is so soft now and my skin is so vibrant. I am non-binary and this is the first product I felt really spoke to me. It was gender neutral, like all of Seminal Wellness's products. It doesn't matter what your gender is. It's just about looking, feeling, and being your best. I love this brand.

Greta McCaskill  Auburn, AL
I was out of my mind with the baby food shortage. I couldn't find my trusted brand, and my baby has unique health needs. I contacted Seminal Wellness with my baby's nutritional needs, and they created a customized Jumpstart Infant formula. It was chock full of nutrients, and my baby loved the taste! I think Seminal Wellness can satisfy my baby's needs as she grows too. 
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