Ketogenic Diet
Paleolithic and
Mediterranean Hybrid
Brown-Fat Building 
Time Span     2 weeks3-7 weeks8-24 weeks (ongoing)
ActivitiesAt least 1 hr of exercise daily (20 min of cardio in the morning, before a meal; 20 min of resistance training (push ups or resistance bands) during lunch; 20 min of endurance at night, before bed [jogging, running, or cycling (outside or on stationary bike)]Exercise, course—foreign language, graphics, coding or IT course that enables individual to raise their skills in an area where they are lacking experienceExercise, new course, service (a campaign, event, or series that addresses a community issue or a condition that impacts a substantial portion of the population)
Sample foodsbeef, lamb, cheese, yogurt, eggs, avocados, kale, pecans, coconut oilbrown rice, quinoa, whole-grain bread, chicken, turkey, olive oil, asparagusblack rice, sprouting broccoli, walnuts, spinach, carrots, acai, salmon
Eating Schedule< 150 calories, every 90 min< 220 calories, every 2 hr< 350 calories, every 4 hr
Action Plan/Reflection
2-week course: What is my weight loss goal, and how will exercise help me achieve it?3-week course:
How can I sustain my weight loss amid pressures and obligations?
8-week course:
How can I leverage my wellness mindset, to help others, toward sustainable change?
Community AspectNote 5 benefits—for you, you family, and the community--of a wellness-based lifestyleBegin a Facebook group for linking fitness, wellness, and community goals; members post their progress with members applauding each other on achievements, offering advice for overcoming setbacks or bottlenecks, and recommending actions for continued advances and goal-achievement in the future Begin YouTube channel in which members post, at most, 5-minute videos documenting progress; website for the wellness-based Facebook group with quarterly newsletters on progress; "Do Well, Do Good" fairs—across at least 7 locations—over 4 weeks in which members gather, with their communities, to share wellness tips, eat flavorfully healthy meals; and engage in mindfulness- and fitness-based events
Anticipated weight lossAnticipated weight loss: 3 - 5 lb (after 2 weeks)Anticipated weight loss: additional 4 - 6 lb (after another 3 weeks)Anticipated weight loss: additional 10 - 18 lb (after another 8 weeks)

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 17-29 lb (after 24 weeks)
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