Crush Your New Year's Resolutions (no alcohol required)
It's that time of year. Yeah, we're all setting our New Year resolutions. But, just as we're gearing up for our resolutions, we also can't wait to see how quickly we'll break them. How about we make this year different? Let's finally set resolutions—and meet them. It comes down to pursuing goals your passionate about; setting intermediate objectives; setting timelines; and, giving yourself the permission to change strategies. We'll target psychological, wellness, financial, and spiritual goals below. 

1. Raise your creativity 

This may not be the most common New Year resolution; but, raising your creativity—and devising different approaches—is the key to accomplishing any goal, no matter how ambitious, and no matter the obstacles. So, how can you expand your imagination? Be willing to view issues from different perspectives and always be up, even enthusiastic, about going outside your comfort zone. One aspect of creativity that is often overlooked is letting yourself be, even if it's just a few moments to yourself. No matter the deadline, how the kids may be clamoring, and how many alerts are blowing up, even just a few seconds of stillness allows the Inspiration in. And, it isn't "crazy" if you have a plan. The best ideas are often those that people were too scared to think of. Here are some tips:
  • See it another way, put yourself in another's shoes
  • Each day, find something new
  • Never sacrifice a few moments to yourself
the number 2023 being washed away by a wave

You can turn fantasy into the fantastic.

2. Improve your health

Now, let's go to among the most common—and, most important—resolutions. Improving your health, in today's parlance, is often a euphemism for losing weight or another euphemism, "getting fit." But, let's go beyond a number on a scale or clothing size. Let's consider lifestyle habits that we actually help you be healthier. First, don't use food as an emotional crutch—to calm you down when it gets hectic, to soothe you when it's painful, or even to further excite you when it's time to celebrate; hold food, first, and foremost, as a yes, ideally, flavorful way to nourish yourself. Second, make time for physical activity, even if just a few minutes, each day. You don't have to go hard; but, make sure you do go. Taking the stairs, or a quick walk around the apartment or house, can do. Third—and, perhaps, most importantly—de-stress. No problem or pressure is that formidable with a clear perspective. A few moments of deep breathing and even focusing on what you can do will help. Plus, high stress amplifies your cortisol levels which can lead to cravings and overeating, and depression. Here are a few other suggestions:

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  • Plan meals (pack a healthy snack) so you won't be compelled to grab anything on the go
  • Pick an exercise routine you like and can stick to
  • Don't be overcome by challenges; think about ways to get through and what you can learn
Guess what? With this attitude, all you've always wanted—the optimal weight, your clothes fitting better, etc.—will actually happen, and you'll achieve the most important goal: you'll be better.

3. Embrace challenges, build new skills 

This resolution is actually linked to the above two; embracing challenges fuels your creativity, and in expanding your imagination and building new skills, you can proactively implement ways to improve your health and wellness. Embracing challenges can be scary; but, there are smaller, manageable ways, to do this. For instance, if you're very artistic and always steered clear of "technical stuff," brush up on your math skills. Yes, algebra can make sense. And, you can even handle calculus (or discrete math ;-) ). Conversely, if you're "left-brained" and don't do the artistic stuff, take a photography or painting class. Try writing a song. And, it's never been easier to pick up new skills and learn something new. From Tik Toks, to YouTube, to Masterclass—and even an informative article—you are never more than a few clicks from a transformative or empowering lesson. It also bears mentioning that the most artistic disciplines, including music and painting, are, at heart, quite technical (analyze any DaVinci work), bridging both left- and right-brained skills. And, if we think about it, isn't that what creativity, resourcefulness, and invention truly are? The "magic" lies in using both sides of your brain, and leveraging the superb whole. 
  • View challenges as opportunities: These are your chances to be better
  • You don't know how to do it—yet. Take advantage of resources.
  • You're smart enough, strong enough, and worthy enough to do the hard stuff too.
These suggestions won't quite prepare you if the worst happens. But, what about if it does? These last few years have forced all of us to face disruption, uncertainty, and tragedy, all at our personal levels. Many of us have faced the worst. Even when that does happen, confront it. Get through the worst, and be proud of how you've grown, and what you've learned. When you are faced with a challenge, count yourself lucky. You've been given the chance to realize how great you can be. Enduring confidence only comes from overcoming even greater challenges.

4. Save more money

Saving, and making, more money only comes right behind being healthier on most resolution list. You likely won't get to a billion within a year; but, you can make solid progress toward your financial goals. Have, and keep, to savings goals from week to week (it doesn't matter how modest it is, $20, $200, etc.). Think about the expenses you really need. Do you need all those streaming subscriptions (you know the answer...)? The daily pick me up from your favorite coffee shop gives you a little reprieve, but can't you go without it? And, isn't it time to invest? With new apps, you can even invest with less than $100. And, despite the scandals, crypto is still a worthy option. One is actually endorsed by the SEC, and there are some with notable management teams. As always, do your research and due diligence. Saving even $30 a week will give you over $1,500 by the end of the year. The other way to get more money is to make more money. Yes, this is an endorsement of the side hustle, that, preferably, is emotionally rewarding for you. And, that side hustle—especially, elevating it with your unique touch—can become a business, and your main source of income. Just make sure you have some support, people who are passionate about your products. This gives you a ready market (social always helps you build this too). Don't be deterred by the stats of the ones who don't make it; believe you'll be among those who will. These are other tips that have helped us:
  • Outline your needs and how you'll pursue them each week (at least 2 approaches for each); hint, hint weekly saving
  • Eliminate the extras (subscriptions, extra nights out, etc.)
  • Embrace the side hustle, and see how you can elevate it
There are free and low-cost apps that can help you set goals and make strong progress toward your dreams. There's also something we often forget to say: no. No, you won't hang out with your friends this weekend. No, you won't get that dress or those kicks (yet). No, you won't let a (not even likely, definitely) awesome night, derail your long-held dream. You may be saying no to others; but, you're saying an unequivocal yes to your dreams and aspirations. Your true loved ones will understand that.

5. Be grateful for what, and all, you have

At the core of all, successful, New Year resolutions is being grateful for the progress you've made and for what you have. Yes, you can always have done more, gone farther, and pushed harder; but, be proud of what you have actually done. Chances are, you further developed a skill and found a new source of strength. In looking, and rejoicing, over what you were able to accomplish, you have a strong foundation to do more, and finally accomplish those big dreams. These are ways to revel in gratitude:
  • Start, and end, each day with 3 things for which you are grateful
  • Surround yourself with those who are also grateful, and support each other
  • Build on these pillars of gratitude for future success
Great accomplishments are nothing more than a series of sturdy steps. Whether it's taking control of your health, getting your degree, or writing that book, take the first, even small, step today.

festive stars and bells

6. Expand your connectedness, that which is beyond yourself

Whether it is God, a Higher Power, or an ineffable, but just as glorious, concept, connecting to that which is beyond yourself is integral to the fulfillment of any resolution. Making this connection not only gives you the strength to pursue your goal and fortifies your resolve—particularly, in the face of inevitable challenges—it also motivates you, reminding you that the chance to change your life, and those of others, makes any resolution worth fulfilling. As you pursue your resolution, you are also building a legacy. And, as we can discern, going beyond yourself means engaging with your community. This can mean serving as a mentor, giving blood, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or countless other ways to make an impact. Yes, connecting with the Source is not restricted to the walls of a religious institution; it is demonstrated by deed. Your values must drive your actions. Here are other ways you can forge, and nurture, that Connection:
  • Ensure your practice displays your principle
  • Make a positive impact everyday (no matter how small it may seem to you)
  • Check in with those around you (even those always seem "ok")
night sky lit by fireworks
In connecting to, and aligning with, the Source, we must also practice forgiveness. We have to forgive ourselves for the missteps and the setbacks. If we don't quite meet our goal for the day, the week, the month—or, yes, even the year—we have to look past the mistakes, and get back on the path. We have to firmly question why we didn't meet the goal though. Do we need to set a schedule? Do we need to devote more resources? Do we even need new sources of support? There are times when we need to change our peer group, and we often need to expand our network. However, that forgiveness also needs to be extended to others. Even for those who have hurt you, forgive them, and let them back in if the demonstrate their integrity and their loyalty. Forgiveness is not for others as much as it is for yourself.  When we let the Light in, we can illuminate others. 

medal that says happy new year!

Happy New Year!


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