You could try this:

  1. Extend your right arm upward, with weight or durable object of at least 5 lb, above your head
  2. Hold for at least 15 s
  3. Bring your right arm down, then place the weight or object in your left arm (if another arm isn't functional or available, keep the weight in the same arm)
  4. Elevate your arm above your head for at least 30 s
  5. Bring your left arm down, and perform 10 full curls
  6. Place the weights down 
  7. Lie flat, back down, on a mat or towel
  8. Form a V-shape with your body, with your knees folded chest height, but legs hanging down (your feet are not touching the floor)
  9. Hold for 45 secs
  10. Now lie flat on the mat, your back still to the ground, with each arm fully extended backwards, going past your head
  11. Now sit up slightly, reforming the V-shape, this time with your palms face down on the mat and your legs and feet pointing up
  12. Perform the V-crunch, in 11., 5 times
Forms of Resistance Training

Muscular endurance Circuit TrainingExplosive Strength Resistance BandPowerlifting
KettlebellPushups Bodyweight Exercise
   (Pull ups)
Lunge Squat
Weight TrainingIsometric TrainingAgile StrengthGlute BridgeLying Triceps 
Inner TubesStarting StrengthPlank Elevated Crunches Wall Shin Raises

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