Clean Cover: Healthy Makeup?
The perfect pout. The smoldering eye. Seductively, satin skin. Great makeup can put all this together. But, can makeup do more than make you breathtakingly beautiful? It can. Aside from giving you a killer look, organic makeup can protect your skin barrier, grant antioxidant protection, and promote cell renewal. The best part is that this is not just important for women; all genders need to look and feel great. Let's find out how.

Natural Makeup Benefits
Traditional makeupmade from synthetic ingredientsdespite the marketing, can actually lead to premature aging (Doctor Group, DC 2014), skin dehydration, and melanoma risk. Conventional makeup frequently contains petrofluorochemicals, acrylamide, phthalates, parabens, 4-dioxane, heavy metals, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, siloxanes, and other proven, or potential, carcinogens (Bucci, 2022). In fact, phthalates and parabens have been proven to be devastating to the endocrine system, with links to cancer and type II diabetes (Doctor Group, 2014). On second thought, these should come with a warning. But, these risks are nearly eliminated when using natural products, made from organic products or byproducts of organisms. In contrast, natural makeup reduces exposure to toxic ingredients, presents a lower risk of skin irritation, is safe for sensitive skin, decreases the frequency of headaches (as a result of odor or synthetic fragrance), and contains skin-nourishing ingredients. Moreover, natural makeupusing organic ingredients with rich colorants, e.g., butterfly pea anthocyaninsis frequently as durable, and high-quality, as conventional makeup (Lourith & Kanlayavattanakul, 2023), even those released by luxury brands. Yes, the natural makeup can last all day. And, these benefits are essential for all genders, as skin is our preeminent shield against germs and pathogens. Please read more about how important skin is, for all genders, in Seminal's December 2022 blog post. 
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Being Planet-Powered
Another benefit of using natural or organic makeup is being eco-friendly and planet-powered. As natural makeup does not include petrolatum, aluminum, or lead, they don't require the drilling or mining that can destroy rainforests, water sources, expanses, and other precious environmental resources (Doctor Group, 2014). Many of the ingredients in organic makeupincluding coconut, green tea, geranium, patchouli, and yucca schidigera (Dodson, 2022)are renewable, minimizing environmental impact. You look great, while keeping the planet fabulous too. makeup items--including mascara, lipstick, and foundation--stacked on top of each other, with their names, on each one, identifying them

Key Organic Ingredients
Some key organic ingredients have already been mentioned above; but, let's take a closer look at why these ingredients are important. Coconut, sunflower, jojoba, and sesame oil have been shown to moisturize skin. Aloe vera balances the skin's pH level, a key component of hydration and vibrance. Yucca schidigera appears to help replace lost skin nutrients, while geranium and patchouli extracts can rehydrate wrinkled skinall of which battle aging. And, if you want to get that intoxicating fragrance, naturally, look for sweet orange oil, chamomile, and extracts from other citrus fruits and flowers. (Dodson, 2022)

You can look good while doing well. These are some more reasons to be proud of putting your best face forward. 

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Date 7/6/2023

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Date 7/6/2023

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