For more information on the process, and benefits, of meditative practice, please see "Meditative Practice: Always in the Zone." 

*Magic mushrooms (psilocybin) can be used at any point of, or throughout, Meditative Practice if you'd like.

I.    Morning
    1. Reflect with "For Where I Am" Gratitude Sequence
    2. Cardio: 20 min
    3. Drink 1 cup of cell treatment and 1 cup of Poten-C with a high-protein meal
    4. Holotropic Breathwork: 2 min
    5. I want to feel a sense of accomplishment by 12pm. Which task do I need to complete this morning?
II.   Afternoon
    1. Reflect with "For What I Have" Gratitude Sequence
    2. Resistance/Strength Training: 20 min
    3. Drink 1 cup of cell treatment and 1 cup of Ential with high-protein, polyunsaturated-fat meal
    4. Holotropic Breathwork: 3 min
    5. I want to feel challenged by 3pm. How can I expand my proficiency in a key skill, or begin building another competency, by the afternoon?
III.  Evening
    1. Reflect with "For What I Will Be" Gratitude Sequence
    2. Drink 1 cup of cell treatment and 1 cup of Zin, with high-protein, unprocessed-carbohydrates meal
    3. Endurance: 20 min
    4. Holotropic Breathwork: 5 min
    5. I want to feel growth by 8pm. Could I raise the volume or rates for my lifts or complete the warmup exercise for the Python class tonight?
  • Visualize, note, draw yourself completing all your primary tasks tomorrow
  • Focus on a small step you can take, tomorrow, to get closer to your goal
  • Picture yourself being a better version of yourself tomorrow
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