Keeping the Beat
Life comes from the heart. So, we should work each day to maintain our heart health, no matter our age. In your 20s and 30s, know your family history and begin a regimen of daily exercise; and in your 40s and 50s, maintain your cardiovascular and strength-training workouts, no matter how busy life gets (Scripps, 2021). It is important to remember that a woman's heart-disease rises with menopause; so, women need to talk with their medical providers about hormonal changes that may impact their cardiovascular health and make the appropriate changes (Scripps, 2021). In your 60s and beyond, request an ankle-brachial index test, which determines the pulses in your feet toward diagnosing peripheral artery disease (PAD), a form of cardiovascular disease in which plague forms in the arteries (Mayo Clinic, 2022; Scripps, 2021). And, we all k now it gets hectic; but, please see your doctor regularly.

There are particular exercises that can help mitigate heart-disease risk. Aerobic exercise, like brisk walking; strength training, like working with free weights; and stretching, flexibility, and balance exercise, which all facilitate aerobic exercise and movement are optimal for preventing heart disease (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2022). Exercise is key to recovery from cardiac trauma as well.

Of course, heart health is also promoted through diet. Along with a low-cholesterol, low fat, and low salt, DASH, diet the specific herbs--namely Hawthorn berry (Nazhand et al., 2020), linden flower, and motherwort--have also been shown to optimize cardiac performance, decrease hypertension, and nourish heart tissue. Seminal Wellness's PotenSeed includes all of these catalytic ingredients.

However, with family history and severe stress, you, or a loved one, can still suffer a cardiac emergency. What are the signs of a heart attack of stroke?
Typical heart-attack symptoms include:
  • Chest Pain
  • Pain in 1 or both arms
  • Shortness of breath
  • Cold sweat
  • Dizziness
Along with the above symptoms, back pain, searing indigestion, pain in jaw and pain that spreads to the shoulders, neck, or arms or also symptoms of a heart attack (Cushman et al., 2021). Women often experience subtler symptoms such as fatigue and nausea (Scripps, 2021). However, an exhaustive account of heart-attack symptoms is not included in the section. If you feel severe discomfort or pain, please call 911 immediately.

Common symptoms of stroke commonly include:
  • Face drooping
  • Numbness of face, arm, leg, or side
  • Confusion or difficulty speaking
  • Sudden difficulty seeing or visual impairment
  • Mobility challenges, particularly problems walking
  • Sudden, throbbing headache 
                             (Patel, Fang, Gillespie, Odom, King, Luncheon & Ayala, 2019)

But, an exhaustive list of stroke symptoms is not contained in this section. Again, if you are experiencing severe discomfort or pain, please call 911 immediately.

Start today promoting your heart health. Let's work together to ensure the beat goes on.


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