Giving You the Happiest and the Healthiest
It's the most wonderful time of the year. Or is it? With all of the merriment, there can be a lot of misery, right? Between running around to grab the perfect gift, maxing our your credit, and overindulging at one too many holiday parties, can leave more regret than celebration. But, it doesn't have to be that way. We really can make this the most wonderful time of year. Here are some tips for maintaining your sanity, achieving your wellness goals, and saving your wallet.

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Maintaining Your Sanity

Wow, another Christmas carol. I can't even...No, you got this. You want to make your loved ones happy, and impress the guests; but, remember, your happiness is always paramount. You have to do what is practical for you, financially and emotionally. Be selective about the people with whom you spend time (even if they're close family members). You don't need to get the "best" gift. Make sure it really fits into your budget. And, for the kids, you can give them a huge reward, but make it like a game. Have them do something "extra" to earn itraise their grades, improve their performance on the team, volunteer some more hours, etc.and keep it interactive. Plus, you don't have to take all the invites. Show up for those who have always shown up for you, and who truly appreciate your company. And, at the end of each day, no matter how busy it gets, always take time to reflect on who you have, what you were able to accomplish, and for getting through the day. Most of all be kind to yourself and to others. It's crazy for all of us. We all need some love. 

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Achieving Your Wellness Goals

It's the holidays, forget about getting more sleep, working out more, and getting your numbers in balance, right? Wrong. Health never takes a holiday, and you can still stay on track. You can get close to 8 hoursokay, at least 6okay, at least six if you stick to a schedule (no matter what your family and the social "schedule" demand). It helps if you start your holiday shopping early and spread it out. Itemize which gifts you'll get each week and what parties you have to attend (remember, show up only for those who have always shown up for you). And, you can easily integrate wellness into your everyday routine, even if just for a few moments. Take a few minutes in the morning, and before you go to bed, to visualize what you want: how you want the holidays to go, who you want around--and plan on how to make it happen. Of course moderation is the key. Have a little healthy snack before holiday gatherings so you won't overindulge. Yes, you'll be surrounded by decadence, but only take a little bit, and save the rest for later (enjoy over a few days). And, detox on the daily. Seminal has a variety of detox products that will be easy on your budget, and easy on your wallet. Check them out below. 

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Saving Your Wallet

You don't have to tap twice, 20, 200...times. There is such a thing as saving during the holidays. Yes, first make a budget--and stick to it. Between brick and mortar and online retail, you can score great deals. And, don't just stick to the chains or the big-name sites. Dig a little deeper with your searches. Sometimes the smaller stores have the better merchandise, and the better values. Also, keep track of your spending. Do a weekly "check-in" to see if you're running over or under, or, sticking exactly to your budget. Don't fret if you're not. Think about how you can cut back in the weeks ahead if you've spent more than you planned. That means hunting for better deals or being a little more creative. Something more personal, and more unique, may be the best option, and be what you're loved one would appreciate more anyway. And, sometimes it does pay to procrastinate. The best deals often come up just a couple of days before the holiday, as stores and sites scramble to maximize their holiday haul. You can also get a head start on next year. The day after Christmas, December 26th, for instance has awesome deals. Grab a few things then to stock up for next holiday season, and guarantee your savings. During the holidays, it's worth taking a second look at coupons and scouring the internet for discounts. Before you know it, you can gather a couple of hundred in discounts. But, the biggest tip, is remember what's most important. Being around loved ones, and taking care of yourself, need to remain the priorities for the holiday season.

So, what should we keep in mind to stay merry and bright?

1) Remember, the person you have to please is yourself
2) Make time for what's importantyour health, your wellness, and your goals
3) Your presence is the ultimate gift; be there for those you love the most
4) Plan while you partystick to your goals and remember what you're working toward
5) Show up for those who have always shown up for you

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Remember, these are the holidays after all. We have one time of year to reconnect, reminisce, and reflect on all we've accomplished throughout the year. And, we can do it all healthfully and happily. Keep the holiday bells ringing.


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