Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers had to scramble from store to store—including Seminal Wellness's founder—in a desperate search to find vital health and personal-care items. Shouldn't products, on which your health and wellness rely, always be within reach? Shouldn't any product you put in, or on, your body be made from the planet's finest resources? Shouldn't you be able to give to yourself, while nurturing the planet? 

The founding team knew the only answer to all three of these questions; and, Seminal is that "yes." Seminal is a global, sustainable producer and retailer in the health, wellness, and beauty spaces. The company offers over 50 products across hair care, skin care, food/nutrition, fragrances, makeup, cleaning, and first aid. Here are our principles:

  1. Vital health, wellness, and beauty products are always available
  2. Products will never be prohibitive
  3. From production to purchase, all offerings must be sustainable
  4. Products are gender- and ethnicity-neutral; "best" transcends any constraint
  5. Transformative ingredients are provided by the Source
We ensure fast processing and shipping worldwide, with orders being delivered in two to eight days. Through all these standards, Seminal's only drive is to make you your best—naturally.

No matter your race or background, you can find all the health, wellness, and beauty products you need, conveniently, in one place. Whether it's a nutritional drink, baby formula, facial scrub, or organic sweetener, we got you. And, with our esteemed team of consultants across health, wellness, and cosmetic arenas, you can be assured that you are only getting the best products. Guess what? It gets even better. All our products are organic and eco-friendly. Are you ready to live your best life, organically? We can't wait to take the journey with you. 

Seminal is propelled by three bottom lines: people, progress, and planet. Welcome to progress, replanted.
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